Leonidas’ Secret
Leonidas’ Secret
Greek Products
Leonidas’ Secret Greek Products
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Packaging, Creative Direction, Brand Identity
Brand Identity and Packaging design for Greek products Leonidas’ Secret from Sparta-Greece, the hometown of King Leonidas. We chose one of the most powerful colour combination, a primary colour palette (blue, yellow, red) to evoke firmness, strength and stability. Yellow expresses life-giving sun and the red heart sends a message of vitality, while blue colour communicates the Mediterranean spirit.

One of the secrets of Leonidas King of Sparta, is olive oil. The ancient Greeks had included olive oil in their basic diet, consisting of wheat, olive oil and wine. Nowadays, olive oil is established as the key component of the so called “Mediterranean diet”.

Enjoy a product range of Extra Virgin Olive oil, rich in polyphenols and Kalamata Olives, all from Sparta.

Yiannis Kostavaras (Photography)
Print to Glass (Glass Decoration)
Forlabels (Label Printing)
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